What people are saying about their Coaching experience…

The year has been challenging and life altering. I am so blessed to find and work with you Susie! There have been gifts and gratitude in 2020, and you my friend are truly one of those gifts.

Susan. H

Susie has such a heart-warming presence as a coach. Coaching sessions with Susie feel comforting, almost like having coffee with a trusted friend. Where it differs is that unlike a coffee date, I find myself uncovering blind spots within myself I didn’t even realize had been keeping me stuck! What’s more amazing is that each session leaves me feeling powerfully motivated to make the changes that are necessary to get me unstuck. Susie’s coaching has led me to insight and empowerment that has truly made a lasting impact in my life. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to create a positive change in their lives.

Yoona. L

Every time I finish a one-on-one with Susie, I walk away with a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart. Her sincere compassion sets me at ease. So glad she’s a ready resource when I need an extra boost!

Mary. V

Susie helped me with my peace of mind. Coaching sessions with her leave me with a feeling of rejuvenation and the motivation to take back my power and recognize my self-worth. This journey is worth it because I now remember that I am worth it!

Carolyn. L

After a session with Susie, I feel refreshed and motivated to continue moving towards my goals. She is a great cheerleader that helps me recognize my strengths. I leave the session feeling capable.


Susie is an incredible coach. She is passionate about helping people realize their highest potential, well being and happiness. She has developed exceptional skills helping clients identify the challenges that are holding them back and shining new light on ways to bring about positive change in their life. Her intelligence, kindness and compassion make her an exceptional coach. I am so grateful for the changes she has helped me to bring about in my life and the tools we put in place to keep me from going back. Thank you Susie!

Jillian. Q