Do You Know Where To Draw The Line?

With age have come the greatest gifts -  confidence, self-love and personal power. Alongside these gifts, has come my ability to differentiate between what serves me and what does not.  As a result of that ability, I am uninhibited in saying any of the following statements: No * No thank you *  Not happening * … Continue reading Do You Know Where To Draw The Line?


Distancing Yourself From The Toxic.

Toxic...interesting word.  It has so many meanings.  There is the toxic that is poison that can actually kill you.  Then there is the toxic that so many of us use to describe that which is bad for you.  This bad can be bad for you physically and or emotionally. For this blog, toxic will refer … Continue reading Distancing Yourself From The Toxic.

Find Balance By Letting Go

Living a life of balance... What does this mean to you?  Can you look back on your life experiences and reflect on the times that were very trying and arduous?  What was going on?  Most likely, there was a lack of balance attached to the experience.  The life scale was likely weighed down to one … Continue reading Find Balance By Letting Go

How We Talk To Ourselves…Why Self-Love Is The Key To It All.

When you feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually it's usually a good day.  How do we get to that place and how can we stay there as long as possible?  The struggle is real. The following is a gross exaggeration but it all boils down to self-love and how we talk to ourselves.  When you … Continue reading How We Talk To Ourselves…Why Self-Love Is The Key To It All.