Looking For The Good

The world needs more of this. We need more people who look for the good in others. We need to reduce our level of defensiveness and readiness to attack. We need to stop and think about what the other person's life situation may be. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. … Continue reading Looking For The Good

Where Have All The Manners Gone?

Sadly, I have noticed a great decline in the use of basic manners in our children over the years.  As an elementary school teacher, I hear and see A LOT.  I interact with hundreds of children weekly and let me tell you, polite, they are NOT. Today's kids act really entitled.  I am now taken a back when a student IS polite … Continue reading Where Have All The Manners Gone?

Words To L.I.V By

After many years of people'ing', relationship analytics and personal experience, it is my opinion that our most significant relationships require the following 3 criteria to thrive, survive and run smoothly.  Your partner should make you: Feel Loved Feel Important Feel Validated Let me explain... LOVED We need love.  We all need to feel loved.  There is no rule … Continue reading Words To L.I.V By

Celebrating Being Female!

I am deeply proud of being female. As a young woman, the pride of being female came out of a place of having a certain disdain for men.  I knew how women often felt about men and how we talked about men and how we thought they were weird. As a more mature female, I still … Continue reading Celebrating Being Female!