Hurricane Melancholy

This weekend, my baby boy will attend his high school prom. What?????  "Say that again slowly."  I say to myself with a deep sigh. I say it again and sit dumbfounded.  Thoughts begin to swirl like a hurricane picking up force in my brain. Another visit from hurricane Melancholy. The storm of sadness that comes to visit me now and again. Two things make this … Continue reading Hurricane Melancholy


The Open Wound

A dear friend of mine told me more than once while we were raising our children that being a parent is like being an open wound.  Her words have rung true countless times over the years. I did get wounded in a way when I gave birth.  The love I felt for these little humans … Continue reading The Open Wound

Motherhood… The Best Ride At Life’s Amusement Park.

I always knew I wanted to be a mother.  It was never a question.  I knew it was part of my destiny even as a young girl and I truly couldn't wait.  Motherhood, after all, was the most natural thing in the world right? A young bride of 25 (probably too young) and  expecting my … Continue reading Motherhood… The Best Ride At Life’s Amusement Park.