The Pain Project

Pain lingers. It surfaces unexpectedly. It bubbles up to the surface and demands attention. "Damn it! Not again!" It often puts our life on pause; or so we feel. We feel stuck. We become enveloped in the wash of sadness and life feels heavy. "Will this ever leave me the hell alone?" There are so … Continue reading The Pain Project

Words To L.I.V By

After many years of people'ing', relationship analytics and personal experience, it is my opinion that our most significant relationships require the following 3 criteria to thrive, survive and run smoothly.  Your partner should make you: Feel Loved Feel Important Feel Validated Let me explain... LOVED We need love.  We all need to feel loved.  There is no rule … Continue reading Words To L.I.V By

Your Inner Voice-Are You Listening?

Your inner voice, your sixth sense, your gut feeling, your intuition - these terms all kind of mean the same thing.  They all refer to that voice, that guide, that 'feeling' within you that should never be ignored. You may have first experienced this voice or intuition when you were a child and a person, … Continue reading Your Inner Voice-Are You Listening?