Managing Expectations In 2 Simple Steps

You expect something is going to happen a certain way and then it doesn't. You expect to hear some special words from someone and then you don't. A scenario or event plays out differently in real life than it did in your head. You are left disappointed. You may be angry. You may feel let … Continue reading Managing Expectations In 2 Simple Steps

Hurricane Melancholy

This weekend, my baby boy will attend his high school prom. What?????  "Say that again slowly."  I say to myself with a deep sigh. I say it again and sit dumbfounded.  Thoughts begin to swirl like a hurricane picking up force in my brain. Another visit from hurricane Melancholy. The storm of sadness that comes to visit me now and again. Two things make this … Continue reading Hurricane Melancholy

Tasting The Bitter To Appreciate The Sweet

Life is all about contrast... You require the contrast of what you don't want so that you can figure out and decide what you do want. You need to experience some sorrow to be able to revel in the happiness. You have to live a little chaos to value and seek out the peace. Maybe … Continue reading Tasting The Bitter To Appreciate The Sweet

What Would This Chapter Of Your Life Be Called?

This question came up on my social media feed today and I stopped and thought about it. I had a real hard time coming up with a title that accurately represented where I am in my life right now. I wanted to choose a title that was upbeat with a hint of melancholy that represented … Continue reading What Would This Chapter Of Your Life Be Called?

Embracing Change

Change... the only constant in life. It has been suggested that it is not the strongest of the species that survives but rather the most adaptable to change. So true Holding on to old beliefs, thought processes, should haves, would haves, if onlys and fighting to control a situation is limiting. Moving through a situation … Continue reading Embracing Change