2 Simple Steps To A Successful Purge!

To purge or not to purge-there is no question! STUFF...all kinds of stuff...we all have it in drawers, in cupboards, in closets and in boxes.  Stuff accumulates and grows exponentially as the years go by.  The more space you have, the more stuff you have.  The more people living in your space, the more stuff … Continue reading 2 Simple Steps To A Successful Purge!

Find Balance By Letting Go

Living a life of balance... What does this mean to you?  Can you look back on your life experiences and reflect on the times that were very trying and arduous?  What was going on?  Most likely, there was a lack of balance attached to the experience.  The life scale was likely weighed down to one … Continue reading Find Balance By Letting Go

September…A Time Of Renewal

Ahh...the harvest moon.... For me, as must be for many others I'm sure, late August brings feelings of a fresh start approaching, a new beginning, a clean slate if you may.  I don't know if it is the shorter days that the end of summer brings or the knowing that routine will soon again be upon us- or … Continue reading September…A Time Of Renewal