The Importance Of Downtime

Do you make time to relax?  Is stopping and resting a part of your daily/weekly practice? By relaxing I am referring to freeing your mind, suspending mental pressures and experiencing some guilt-free chilling time.  I would urge you to find a little the very least try. Finding time to relax may seem counter intuitive to busy people because of the … Continue reading The Importance Of Downtime

10 Minute Morning Yoga

If you are not already a yoga fan, I hope this blog post will inspire you to give it a whirl. Regular participation in the ancient practice has increased my flexibility, strengthened my core, shaped my triceps (all those chaturangas), deepened my breathing, and lifted my a**! Beyond the physical benefits, yoga has helped me … Continue reading 10 Minute Morning Yoga

Finding Your Zen

I wanted to write a blog about maintaining your zen during the holiday season but I got too busy... I have come to really value and cherish moments of calm- imagined or real. I have come to need moments of calm for my emotional and physical well being. I try to carve out such moments whenever possible.  No … Continue reading Finding Your Zen