You Are Entitled To Your Opinion

How do we feel about opinions?

We all have them.

Some of them are based on facts, some are fueled by emotion, some have elements of both.

When is it okay to give your opinion?

Should you wait until you are asked to give it?

If so, are you conscious of the tone you are using while expressing your opinion?

I ask because opinions are funny. Sometimes we want someone’s opinion on something but then become upset when that opinion doesn’t match ours. Probably shouldn’t have asked lol.

The opposite is also true. When the requested opinion matches ours, we feel it’s a good one – we feel validated.

Let’s revisit the element of tone. Sometimes a different opinion delivered in a soft tone may make us more inclined to entertain it whereas if said opinion comes at us with an air of judgement, we can become irritated and defensive.

So I come back to you with the original question.

How do we feel about opinions?

In my house, with my lovable hotheads, asking for an opinion will not only get me the opinion but also a big slice of judgement on the side – something I’m not always in the mood for.

I would have to say that I often don’t volunteer my opinion unless I am asked for it – unless of course I agree with the person. If I am in agreement, I offer it up because that always makes people feel good and I get a kick out of making others feel good.

So if your asking my opinion, I think we should be careful when giving opinions. In most cases, I think we should wait until we are asked. Furthermore, if we are going to share our opinion, it should be done in a way that leaves the other person’s dignity intact.

Sorry, did you not ask for my opinion? (Giggle)


2 thoughts on “You Are Entitled To Your Opinion

  1. Hey Susie, this was particularly relevant for me as I often give my opinion whether I am asked or not or as my daughters call it, “ unsolicited opinion”. I understand that it’s not always pleasant to receive an opinion that is different than your own opinion so IAM trying to not do it as much with friends or relatives. However when it comes to my daughters, the mother mode kicks in and it is more difficult to abstain from giving my unsolicited opinion. I personally like to hear other people’s opinion and I am always open to consider their point of view. It is a very interesting point. Hope all is well with you and your family. We didn’t get our date this summer, hope we get to do it at some point.



    1. Hi friend!!
      Yes the old mother mode!! I tend to give many unsolicited opinions when it comes to my kids!! Opinions are difficult. There are so many variables attached to giving and receiving opinions… ugh 😑!
      We have to make a point of getting together! Thanks for reading!!
      Hugs, Susie 😘

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