Do You Know Where To Draw The Line?

With age have come the greatest gifts –  confidence, self-love and personal power. Alongside these gifts, has come my ability to differentiate between what serves me and what does not.  As a result of that ability, I am uninhibited in saying any of the following statements:

No * No thank you *  Not happening * Not for me * I’d rather not * Not now * I don’t feel like it * I’m out*

So liberating- so empowering- so simple

Grossly generalized, this all boils down to self-respect and our capacity to set boundaries.  Boundaries are so very important in our day to day interactions whether it be with family, friends, colleagues or employers.  Self-awareness and self-love play a huge part in our ability to set boundaries and create experiences that work for us and our health and well-being.  When you inherently know what is good for you either physically, mentally or spiritually, you will not allow yourself to become depleted in any of these areas.  You will draw the line in time to preserve your precious energy and direct it towards the areas that serve your highest good.

Over the years, I have allowed behaviour that would never fly today.  Rather than lay blame on other people, I hold myself accountable.  I did not love and respect myself enough to set boundaries.  I wasn’t confident enough to set the tone.  I didn’t feel deserving.  Once I began to love and honor myself they way I should, everything began to slowly fall into place.  The benefits of this one (very long work in progress), transition into self-love and total self-acceptance naturally spilled over into all my other relationships.  I was the one that was better in all my relationships.  I am now in a place where I stand firm in what I believe serves me and what does not.  I am able to draw the line with confidence and conviction.



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