Celebrating Being Female!

I am deeply proud of being female.

As a young woman, the pride of being female came out of a place of having a certain disdain for men.  I knew how women often felt about men and how we talked about men and how we thought they were weird.

As a more mature female, I still think men are weird but I no longer have a disdain for them.  I love men.  The males in my life are stereotypically strong and protective.  They are tough on the outside with a soft mushy undercoating.  They have come a long way these ‘tough guys’.  Typical macho male behaviours have been, shall we say, ‘squashed’?  Our family is made up of a band of  strong outspoken girls that have helped to teach the men to assume their place (chuckle).  It has been a delight to watch them adapt and evolve.

I personally enjoy the feminine of being female and the masculine in my males.  I have arrived at a sweet spot in my life where I feel loved, cherished, heard and respected by the men in my life.  I have grown in my personal power and confidence and a large part of that confidence is imbedded in my being female.  I am proud to be connected to a sisterhood that knows how to love and listen and teach and learn and understand and encourage and defend and grow and adapt and stands strong for itself and for others and for what it believes to be right and true.  The males in my life feel the power of this connection too.  They know we women are crazy tough and determined and strong willed and unstoppable.  They are awed by it.  This too, has been a pleasure to watch.

So, on this International Women’s Day, tap into your strength my beautiful sisters.  We are the most amazing creatures on the planet.  We bring life to the world both physically and metaphorically.  Our bodies make people and our souls are portals for positive change.  Never underestimate the power of a woman.  A woman in sync with her power can help change the world!

(Males happily included in aforementioned changed world!)


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