The Power Of “Sure!”

Have you ever asked someone for a favor and they answer you with a “sure!”? It’s so satisfying to hear.

Think of the last time you experienced a, “sure!” How good did that feel? It felt good. That one little world can say so much. It says I like you, I respect you, I’m happy to help you, it makes us feel cared for and important. ‘Sure’ is capable of all that.

A couple of nights ago in the later part of the evening I remembered that my car was low on gas. I was already in my cozy wear and I couldn’t bear to go out on a cold night to put gas in my car. I politely asked my husband if he could be so kind as to fill my car with gas after dropping off our son in the morning before I had to go to work. His response was, “sure!” I have to admit, his reply made me feel so happy. I felt cared for and appreciated. I was so grateful.

Remember how that small word can make you feel the next time someone asks you for something that’s within your power to do or give. It is the smallest of kind gestures that have the biggest impact. It’s a ‘sure’ thing!


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