Mom, Wife, Teacher…Now What? The Midlife Crisis That Brought Me To The Blog

The impetus behind the creation of this blog was an existential crisis.  There I was, a vibrant, outspoken, intelligent 40 something mom, wife and teacher that wanted something more.

What would the rest of my life look like? Was this it?  A daughter moving out for university and a son not far behind. The life I had known as a mom was dwindling in intensity. My teaching career was still fulfilling me, my marriage intact but something was missing.

I knew I had things to say, ways to say them and aware of my ability to look at life with humour and relatability. Unapologetically authentic and yelling, “I gotta be me” since grade school, writing a blog was a way to say stuff and spread my ideas, thoughts and revelations about life to the masses (chuckle) ok maybe to ten people or less.  Whatever…you get the gist.

Personal development fascinates me. Where we start out and how we morph over our lifetimes by choice or by circumstance intrigues me. You won’t find me reading fiction, I gravitate towards the self-help section of Chapters.

The Middle Aged Diva was born out of a place of limited confidence, a childhood closely resembling ‘The Flinstones’ and a belief that females had to adhere to traditional values where a woman knew ‘her place’.  Whaaaaaat? What is this place they speak of?

A woman’s place is the same as any human being’s place – it’s a place where you are not the boss of me…I am the boss of me – Whoa….this took like 40+ years to register but when the fog of ancient thinking began to lift, register it did! So simple right? Not!

Look out people there is a butterfly busting out- yearning to be free.  Free from the self-induced confinements bred by useless fears, societal pressures and  personal insecurities.  I decide what’s good for me! I write the rules for my life and break them if I so choose!

The most liberating chapter of my life is unfolding.  So here I am- Blog #1 and lots more to say.

What self-created limiting thoughts confine you? Share in the comments and please… follow the blog!


11 Replies to “Mom, Wife, Teacher…Now What? The Midlife Crisis That Brought Me To The Blog”

  1. Great first piece my friend. You are reaching lots of people out there who feel the exact same way and need the validation! Congrats

  2. Awesome job my friend. I am a firm believer too of owning my mistakes, apologizing and forgiving myself. Forgiving myself because, in the end, I’m not perfect but human. As long as I learn from those mistakes, I’m on the right track.
    Cant wait to read more! Xoxo

  3. Congratulations Susie! It takes a courageous person to share those uncertainties. I am looking forward to reading more… Inspire us. See you soon.

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